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   Effectively Safe By Functional Efficient Gadgetorial Operational Accessibility.

Food for thought.  Circumvent the dangerous hazardous illegal concealing and exacerbating all encompassing cognitive thwarting texting while driving efforts of the smartphone safely with your larger screened more easily viewable and operable devices.  The Armadillo "Notext Desk" is safer by creating comfortable and convenient desktop space for your vehicular gadgetorial accessibility.  Or D2D also works great as just a place to rest your lunch.  D2D Also works well with IOS, PB&J, BLT, Tuna Fish on Rye, or even Egg Salad.  Recommended for stationary use only.

D2D's David versus the PPV'S GOLIATH.  Pictured below is 2014 Chevrolet Caprice typical PPV Police Patrol Vehicle equipped with the massive center console steel mounting platform system with laptop holder.  This system costs $1000 plus drilling and mounting.     Our D2D system costs $100 - $250 plus.  D2D Means : No Drilling.  No Mounting.  No Console.  Just placing.  Apples to Oranges.  
Pictured below : The Typical PPV Police Patrol Vehicle with officer on Patrol cruising with gadgetry.  Police use their gadgetry at all times while cruising, screens are always viewable, and in some jurisdictions the keyboards freeze up at speeds in excess of 15 MPH, while other jurisdictions have no restriction on keyboard use at any speed.  With the larger screens and gadgetry the viewing or other operatiions of the gadgetry is not nearly as cognitively consuming as it is with the smaller screened peck with two hands to operate and then to have to minisculey focus on to view the tiny screened dangerous smartphones.  Big Brother is viewing and computing and so can we.  

Goliath pictured below is tailing and observing this car & driver from afar, predatorily hunting every arrestable maneuver illustrated vividly on his laptop screen via many cameras.  If big brother can compute & view, so can we!  Only our views would be more productive and less arresting.   Attached here is a Link to a pretty scary article all things considered as to how much we are being surveilled!  Watch your backs!  These high tech cop cruisers you don't want in your rear view mirrors!

Pictured below is D2D's David the Armadillo "Notext Desk" gadgetry platform system placed in a BMW.  
We all get stuck in traffic and are forced to sit it out and wait in traffic jams every day during our commutes.  Either we are crawling along at a snail pace, or, we are "stop and go" for many miles at a time and for many minutes at a time.  Some days are worse than others and the traffic jam is unpredictable.  And some traffic lights cycles are longer than others.  What do we do while sitting stationary in traffic?  Some illegally text by concealing their smart phones from view with the all encompassing cognitively thwarting dangerous smartphone.  Others flip the radio stations.  Still others speak on their smartphones.  And then most of us just have to sit it out frust waiting time and time again day after day losing our productive "UP" commute time to the traffic.  D2D has a safe viable alternative.  With the Armadillo "Notext Desk" we can take back our stolen traffic commute time!  
It is D2D's contention to take the texting bull, or traffic jam, by the proverbial horns.  D2D's convenient comfortable and safe platform placement within any vehicle allows for unobstructed gadgetry views, road views, or anything else you want to look at, and also allows for convenient comfortable safe operations of your gadgetry.  Weather it is a smartphone, pad, laptop, notebook, or just your sandwich.  Or, if you prefer, don't look at it, and just drive.  Than when stopped again in traffic or the next long stop light have at it.  Or don't. The operational gadgetorial convenience is nice to have at our viewers discretion weather we use it or not! Recommended for stationary use only.  Note* Police use their laptops at speeds up to 15 mph than their keyboards freeze up.  Their screens are always viewable.  Depending on the jurisdiction.  Some jurisdictions do not regulate keyboard use whatsoever.

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Americans spent 5.5 billion hours sitting in traffic in 2011, wasting $121 billion in gas and personal time. Those statistics come from an annual study of national driving patterns released Tuesday by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.

The report found Americans are adapting to road congestion by budgeting an hour of time to make a trip that would otherwise take just 20 minutes without a traffic jam.

The total costs are up $1 billion from the year before, which translates to $818 per U.S. commuter.

Read this article and much more at our new HIGHWAY ROBBERIES page linked here and at picture below and also tabbed above. 


Welcome to Dashboards to Desktops.com.  Where the sculpted and decorative dashboard, and otherwise useless and good for nothing wasted space, is quickly and easily converted into functional accessible useful decorative and safely viewable and navigable desktop space!  

D2D is a versatile new tool for any vehicle and useful for everyone!  And is particularly useful for Contractors, Realtors, Cabbies, Inspectors, Chauffeurs, Truckers, and any vehicle based business!  Or for anyone on the go!

D2D accommodates ALL gadgetry!  The size gadgetry or quantity of gadgetry is not limited by clamps or linkage or anything!  D2D is platform based allowing for everything, gadgetry, sandwiches, and more!

D2D allows for GPS conversion of the larger screened easily viewable laptop type gadgets with the Free Computer to GPS's conversion programs available at this CNET Link!  
D2D is especially pleasurable to use for the other office!  To just get away and sit cozily in your vehicle and get it done anywhere.  Day or night!  And no parking fees usually!  We go to parks or the beach often.

D2D is proximity adjustable and can be placed anywhere across the dashboard span along the windshield, depending on the dashboard, and can be used by either the driver or the passenger.  And the passenger fits comfortably depending on the desktop size ordered and the vehicle.  D2D is also exceptional to use on the road trips.

D2D takes just a second to place over the dashboard!  (Link to short 35 second D2D intro vid!)

D2D removes to the trunk or backseat in a second!  (Link to short 35 second D2D intro vid!)

D2D can be made to any size
nd accommodates most vehicles!  
D2D sizes options and finishes are based on your selections and vehicle parameters.  We make the components to match your vehicle and other selections.  Order "any" sized desktop and components and specify the vehicle at our easy to use order form at our store.  Finishes are optional in the case that purchaser wood want to finish their Armadiillo themselves.  D2D's come "raw" or "well" done!  "Raw" is cut to fit and sanded to 100 grit!  Assembled And all Edges are rounded to a comfortable 1/8" radius.  If any reservations as to your vehicle D2D fit, just shoot us an email or text with vehicle year make and model numbers and or a picture of the dashboard.  We have been actively observing others from the dump truck vantage point and surveying the D2D scenario for the last 20 years of daily driving in the above pictured 1994 dump truck and are confident that our D2D system wood in fact fit most all vehicles.  

We have been driving above pic'd dumptruck set up with D2D since 2006!
 And Driving with D2D in a Car since 12/2012 thereabouts.  We are developing arm to dashboard spacer templates and other templates.  The Arm to the Dashboard spacers are the main obstacle.  D2D is Doable for many vehicles!  This ain't rockets.  It's just wood.  

D2D allows for passenger use and seating unlike most of the linkage based police vehicle type or the bulky plastic molded "milk crate" type secured by the seat belt and completely occupying the passenger seat.  And these other's types working and or viewing area's are uncomfortably "low" and even more uncomfortably "way" off to the side.  Turning one's head sideways for any period of time to view anything IS uncomfortable, causes neck pains after just a few minutes and is also another driver distraction!  Not to mention the additional driver distractions and operational difficulties associated with having to reach over just to operate the gadgetry and to then look over just to view the gadgetry!  These uncomfortable gadgetry placements and additional driver distractions are greatly reduced thru the use of our D2D!    

D2D driving view is clear and unfettered (link to 3 cam view 2 min vid) by the gadgetry and the gadgetry view and proximity is convenient and comfortable!  (See print below pictures for more explanation on this very important aspect!)

D2D is timely and convenient to use for simple viewing and mousing type surfing!  Plenty of time to check FB, Twitter, G+, Linkedin, ect... updates within the multitude of traffic delays we encounter every day!  Simple mousing keyboarding and viewing the screen is also a snap with plenty of time at drive delays.  Driving is only part of the Drive, the rest is waiting for the traffic delay. 

The wait is over!  Embrace the wait!  Don't just allow the traffic delay to steal any more of your valuable time!  Don't be forced to just sit and wait at Railroad Crossings and Trains, or Traffic Jams, or Draw Bridges and Boats, or Drive Thru's, or for Traffic Lights to cycle, And then More Traffic, Buses, Carpools, Picking up, Dropping off, ect...  Don't just sit and wait anymore!  And then Frust Wait!  Get it "on" with D2D!  No more wasted time! Get your vehicle or car connected with D2D! Welcome the Wait With D2D!  Get CC'D and Hands Free'D with D2D 2Day!
We Stand Behind our D2D to give it our Best Shot!  Sit Behind it too!  Sat - isfaction Guaranteed! 

Driving with D2D.  Driving with D2D out on the dashboard is not recommended, it can be out while driving, and, human nature dictates that it will be out while driving.  We can only recommend.  We have also found that driving with D2D out on the dashboard impacts driver attitudes about driving.  Please goto our Fable-ous Freudian Analysis page for more rhetoric on this important aspect.    
We get back many chunks of time each week thru the use of our D2D.  Traffic light cycles and more.  Which adds upto a gain time of an hour or two per week all tolled up.  IE: If the commute time is 30 - 45 mins to work each way with a 30% city 70% freeway ratio you encounter approximitely 10 minutes per trip in city or hwy delays and trafficky situations where by the casual surf view or update is easily accomplished. That's like getting back two hours a week easy gain time.  Not a big deal neither with the D2D quick and easy convenient comfortable platform placement and resultant gadgetry proximity!  D2D gadgetry operations are nothing like texting and driving with the smart phones or small pads. These convenient safer types of larger gadgetry operations are our D2D's antidotal Desking and Driving safety thru efficiency mantra that we are promoting to contradict the unsafe texting and driving scenario!  
Observations : Distracted Driving : Texting and Driving versus Desking and Driving.
D2D use is not necessarily associable to the 
physically and visually distracting driving hazards associated with the unsafe "texting and driving" scenario, so prevalent today. Most all texting and distracted driving hazards are a direct correlation to the use of the smaller touch screened and hold onto close to your face to view and cumbersome to operate (PECK) using two hands type of gadgetry.  These types of distracted driving hazards are greatly reduced through the use of our D2D.  

 allows for larger gadgetry to be placed on the Armadillo's desktop at a comfortable and easily viewable eye level elevation and viewing angle and viewing distance thereby utilizing the dashboard itself for structural support and the elevation of the vehicle dashboard for easily navigable gadgetry placements.  The D2D proximity of gadgetry placement also greatly reduces the visual distracted driving hazards resulting from having to turn one's head sideways or down to view the handheld or other gadgetry (link to 3 cam view 2 min vid).  D2D also reduces the physical distracted driving hazards resulting from initially retrieving or to have to reach over to otherwise operate the gadgetry by its placement.

Eyeball movement is the most physical exertion necessary to view the gadgetry.  D2D is hands free!  The gadgetry visual and physical exertions and associated distracted driving hazards are minimized and almost 
eliminated entirely by the D2D's readily navigable convenient desktop placement within the vehicle and the end resultant gadgetry proximity.  Our D2D is unlike any other gadgetry holder for this aspect alone!
At stop lights the D2D equipped vehicle and driver frequently sees the light turn green before other drivers even if viewing the screen from the peripheral field of vision.  Oftentimes other drivers get caught at green lights gawking at the D2D equipped vehicle, causing horns to blow from others behind them as the D2D driver departs at the green light. Certain situations are more hazardous than others and common safety precautions should be followed.  We do not recommend for the gadgetry to be viewed while driving under any circumstances.  But if one were to drive with the gadgetry flipped open the driving field of vision is not obstructed by the D2D gadgetry whatsoever.  

Safely Accessorizing D2D : Many Options : Many Accessories : The Connected Car!

There are many accessories available to make the D2D connected car safer.  The police in Farmers Branch Texas use a new device that will prevent officers from typing on their dashboard laptops once their vehicle exceeds 15 mph.  Every squad car in the department will be outfitted whereby keyboards will lock when the vehicle exceeds 15 mph to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving.  The issue here is the distractions resulting from typing on the keyboard's while moving, in the police case, moving at speeds in excess of 15 mph.  The screens are always viewable.  Link to article here http://yourcarrollton.dallasnews.com/2013/05/30/farmers-branch-pd-takes-another-step-to-ensure-officer-safety/.

This ain't rockets.  No keyboarding or viewing the screen while moving!  We have been on the roads since 2006 with D2D in dumptruck and have never even come close.  Car D2D since 12/12/2013.  This is not texting and driving! 

Voice activated computer operation
software called the "Dragon" by Nuance is also an option.  And there are also many Free GPS computer conversion software programs available is link to CNET.  There are a plethora of "connected car" accessories available and more coming to market every day!  

We use the "arc" mouse by microsoft which hugs the thigh comfortably and effectively with its arc' ness design utilizing the thigh as the mouse pad.  And we also simply velcro or bungee cord the keyboards directly onto the steering wheel as another option.  Or we also have used a slide out keyboard tray.  And another neat competitors product is the "Wheel Mate" by auto exec which is a smallish steering wheel mounted platform that is a nice size for the keyboards.  

And or the mini keyboards also fit comfortably right on your lap.  D2D can be customized to partner with many gadgets for more safety and convenience!  D2D is the Platform for all Platform's!  The "Connected Car" has arrived!  And so has Dashboards to Desktops!

Please Drive Responsibly!  D2D is a tool. Tools can make life better if used responsibly.  D2D is as safe as the user. D2D is not a new concept.  It is only a new application of an existing concept.  Police have been using similar for many years.

Thank you for your time! 

Don Mahaffey Weaver : Shoot us an email! or at CogentCMi@live.com : CogentCMi Construction Millwork inc. link!
Dashboard Spurrier : Road Warrior : 305-479-0189 to Call or Text Don Directly for Inquiries!                                      

Screen Shot 
'Blade Runner' Wheeled Flying 'Spinner' Police Car Circa 1982      Edward James Olmos driver/pilot : Harrison Ford Blade Runner
Handling and Care: Moving your Armadillo Notext Desk to and fro' the dashboards.  Leaving it out in sun.  
Armadillo's are "instrumental" in finish quality.  On Par with a Custom Made and Hand Crafted Guitar.  The Armadillo's are animal tuff and not nearly as delicate as a Guitar but "some" careful handling is recommended.  Armadillo's will last for many years even outlasting the vehicle.

Furniture wax or PLEDGE should be applied twice or more per year.  Leaving the Armadillo out on the dashboard will tend to dry out or bleach the wood slightly with the hot Sun's UV rays necessitating more PLEDGE!  We leave our Armadillo's out on the dashboards for many weeks at a time here in South Florida.  Months actually.  Minor care is all that is needed to assure
 that your Armadillo will give you many good years of service.  Armor All wood also work great for the shine and protection.  We Prefer a PLEDGE!    

Dashboard Spurrier : Spurrier to the Car's : And "Geetar Fer Yer CAR" makers!

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