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     \\\  Form Follows Function with D2D's Distinctive Design.  ///

  " Pro~Lific Device Placements : SuPeer~ior Eco~Ergo Holdings "

Most Device Holder Placements, whether suction cupped to the windshield, placed on or built into the dashboard, passenger seat belted, linkage based bolted, or console type PPV (police patrol vehicle), require arduous reaches, laborious pecks, strenuous limiting views, or diversionary head turns to operate or otherwise view the devices.

D2D's Device Placements Don't.  D2D has "none of the above" mentioned Distractive Drawbacks. 

D2D's Distinctive Design provides eco~ergonomic Distinguishably Different Device placements.   

D2D's eco~ergo platform system accomodates  ALL VEHICLES &  ALL DEVICES.  D2D's effortless installation is as easy to place & use as it is functional to operate & view the devices.  So if you're Seeking Something Special for your Road Warrior Arsenal, you've found it!  You'll get what you came for &  You'll get what you pay for!  D2D looks as good as it works, complimenting any vehicle's interior, dashboard, and the DRIVER or PASSENGER!  TUFF STUFF!  BUILT TO LAST!

     ~ 1 Second Placement. ~ Instant "git er done" Mobile Office! ~

     Lifetime Warranty & Guaranteed Sit's, Fit's, or It's Free!  Tried & True : Always Useful!

     ~ Please Select Featured Armadillo Top Left or Scroll Down. ~

             ” Time is the longest distance between two places.  ―  Tennessee Williams

    Make Traffical Commute Time Count.  There's No Going Back.  Time is Quinte$$ential.

 ~ $urf'$ Up with D2D when the Traffical Wave$ Come Rolling in! ~

 D2D Pay$ for itself in No Time with all the Traffical $urf GAIN Time.

 ~ Time is Money.  Commute Time Pilfered by Traffic is Our LO$$. ~

    Exceptionalizing the Dashboard and the Time Spent Within.  Passenger Fits and Use.

No Goats, or Bulls Bout' it!  Productive Traffic Jamming, Anytime. 

Promoting the "Connected Car" Concept and the connectivity benefits derived from D2D and your Larger Screened Devices.  

Many Miles of Road are covered about the Connected Car Concept on this Store Home Page.  The "Product" aspect is covered on the sidebar & featured product top left & at the Bottom of this page.  Thank you in advance for your time in review.

The "Connected Car" Creating Massive New Business Opportunities...  BI article link

The Car Dashboard Poised to Become the Next Major Digital Platform...  BI article link

BEFORE CONTINUING, Please ask yourself 3 important questions.

1.  Is Stop & Stop Traffic during your daily commutes pilfering your precious time? 

2. Do you ever find yourself networking with Hand Held devices below eyeshot level to get something done while your jammed up stopped stationary in the dreaded traffic?

3. While CRAWLING ALONG, EYES & HAND HELD low, networking, as GPS, or worse texting?

If YES, than we can help.  Please continue.  If NO, we can still help.

Hand Held usage laws behind the wheel are changing significantly.  Most state laws stipulate that our text type Hand Held device usage while behind the wheel is illegal, resulting in tickets, court costs, points against our drivers licenses, and our insurance premiums increase.  Not to mention the hazardous & inherant dangers associated with our Hand Held devices general operations and/or texting & driving on our roads.Dashboards to Desktops Armadillo Notext Desk, laptop holder, computer holder, pad holder, connected car


Don't be a STATISTIC & Don't get a TEXTING TICKET!  BE SAFER & BE LEGAL & BE PRODUCTIVE with your Larger Screened Devices while stopped & stationary behind the wheel.  

We don't have to just sit in traffic stopped up flippin the radio stations!  We can STILL be SAFE & LEGALLY Productive Behind our Wheels!  Please see EXTENSIVE LINKS listed below for LEGALITY'S.  Productivity behind our wheel's while stopped stationary in traffic can be accomplished SAFELY & LEGALLY with our LARGER SCREENED DEVICES!

It took me 10 seconds to read this tweet view picture & retweet.  While I was stuck in traffic above.

D2D Provides Productively Platformed Expedience'D NavigationS for Effectively Safer DeviceS Operability, Anytime.

Onboard CarPlay Android Big Auto = Stretch + Reach + Small Screen + Peck + New Car.

D2D Armadillo Notext Desk = NoStretch + NoReach + Large Screen + NoPeck + K.Y.C. (Keep Your Car) + B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device).  Hands Down or Hands Free D2D is Sizably more Safer, Operationally more Effective, Productively more Functional, and Economically more Feasible.  D2D stands alone in the device held crowd as the most "economical~ergonomical" Distinctively Designed Device Holder, BAR NONE!


Turn iPhone iPod Touch iPad into remote wireless keyboard touchpad free download.

Turn android phone into wireless mouse, keyboard & touchpad free download.

30 Second Intro Video!  TAKES (1) SECOND TO PLACE OR REMOVE!


22 Free Voice Command Downloads, if not already built in to your computer!  FREE!



Court/Legal/Ticket Co$t$ + In$urance Premium$ ^ + Time LO$$ + Point$ = Hand Held'$ 

Lawmakers Propose Texting While Driving Ban Again in Texas...  2/4/2015.

Lawmakers OK ban on texting while driving Yuma Sun article...  2/6/2015.

Investigators ask for phone records from Bruce Jenner in fatal crash...  2/9/2015. 

HAND HELD Device ban set to take effect...  1/1/2015.

Bedford approves HAND HELD device ban while driving...  11/23/2014.

Lawmakers looking to toughen law against Distracted Driving HAND HELD...  12/14/2014.

Graphic illustrating HAND HELD device usage laws by all states...  12/12/2014. 

How can law enforcement tell if your texting & driving...  12/10/2014.

Virginia State Police "SPYING" initiative tackles texting & driving...  11/13/2014.

New Traffic Radar Gun Will Detect When Drivers are TEXTING...  9/18/2014.

Texting while driving now brings fines rather than warnings...  12/8/2014.

Cell Phones, Texting, and Driving : State Laws... 12/01/2014.

Utah's new law forbids dialing while driving...  5/09/2014.

Virginia State Police institute cameras to catch texting drivers...  10/06/2014.

Hoping to beat a cellphone ticket?  Don't count on it!...  12/16/2014. 

Georgia Tech : Georgia's Anti-Texting Law is Under-Policed...  11/14/2014.

Cop issued 800 Texting & Driving tickets from Red Lights over 9 months...  9/20/2013.

Warning period over, tickets begin for texting while driving...  12/08/2014.

Why Hands-Free Phones May Still Be Unsafe for Drivers...  6/03/2013.

Hands-Free Devices Offer Safe Alternatives for Hand Held Cell Phone Ban...  1/09/2013.

Study Finds Video Chatting Safer Than Talking on Cellphones...  10/21/2014.

UNCUFFED : California Court OKAY's Surfing the Net while Driving...  3/22/2014.


"Use only when stopped, just like the cops"    *Recommended for stationary use only*

"Take Your Virtual Office Virtually Anywhere-- Jim France

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, every thing would appear to man/woman as it is, Infinite" ― William Blake

It took you approxiamitly 5 seconds to read the "quote's" above and to view the picture . 

It took you 15 seconds to read this print & view the picture.  While you are stuck in traffic above.

Article to 6 ways cops know you are texting.

LARGER SCREENED computer conversions to GPS video link illustrating use...

LARGER SCREENED computers send/receive SMS x google voice, email, apple...

How to use windows pc to send and receive sms messages...

Send & Recieve SMS messages on pad, tablet, or laptop...

It took you 5 seconds to read this print & view the picture.  While you are stuck in traffic above.

Commuters Sacrifice Quality Valueable UP & Productive Time due to Traffic Delays.

It took you 5 seconds to read this print & view the picture.  While you are stuck in traffic above.

UP & COGNITIVE Drive Time that's effectively waisted while we SIT Stuck FRUST waiting.

It took you 5 seconds to read this print & view the picture.  While you are stuck in traffic above.

We can be Productive During these Numerous Daily Traffic Delays & DO SOMETHING!

Forbes article link "The Most Traffic Jammed Cities in the United States"...

Link INRIX Traffic Scorecard comprehensive analysis of the state of traffic congestion worldwide.

It took you approxiamitly 45 seconds to read the above D2D Declaration & Meme & to view picture.

Fellow Commuters:  "Allow me to introduce myself, pictured above in the D2D Declaration & Meme.  I am Don Mahaffey Weaver II : owner & partner of D2D, at your service."  

"Be it traffical, or, just to get stuff done, anytime in the vehicle, the MOST BENIFICIAL of ALL the benefits of D2D is the PEACE OF MIND derived simply by D2D just being there, with our devices conveniently, comfortably, and safely, perched atop, enabling us to productively bide the miserable traffical congested time, whether we USE it or NOT during any days delays!"

"Assuradly as the Sun Rises, there will be Traffic!  With D2D, we are Never, Ever, Relegated by the Traffic Delay to be forced into just sitting it out FRUST-WAITING!  Instead, we prefer to productively network/surf with our devices until the traffic clears!"

To our daily commutes:  "By the very nature of our commutes, we're amped up, astute, sharp, thriving to drive & be productive.  Until we encounter the traffic.  To be UNPREDICTABLY jammed up with our traffic delays, forced to just sit there stuck, stopped in our tracks, is unnatural, unhealthy, aggrivating, disappointing, and unproductive!"

Food for Thought:  "Sitting stationary stopped up in traffic isn't commuting, it isn't driving, it isn't anything other than, SITTING STATIONARY STOPPED UP IN TRAFFIC!" 

D2D's HUD HEADS UP Display ness:  "D2D's device placement enables HEADS UP ness unlike any other":  The PPV police patrol vehicle or The Roadmaster & Wheelmate.

"Eyeball movement is all it takes to view D2D devices.  The other's linked above require head turns, downward far-ish views, and a far-ish reach to operate or peck the devices."  

"With D2D's H.U.D. HEADS UP Display ness of the devices placement, users peripherally see signal changes or traffic movements instantly."  

"Sitting stationary stopped up in traffic frust waiting SUX!  We can be productive & do something while waiting for the traffic to clear & welcome the wait, comfortably & safely, conveniently & effectively, with the Armadillo Notext Desk."  

"Thank you for your time & considerations!  Drive Responsibly."  Don Mahaffey Weaver II

D2D :  "Providing Productively Platformed Expedience'D NavigationS for Effectively Safer DeviceS Operability, Anytime."

Networking is safely & easily accomplished during delays with our Armadillo Notext Desk.D2D Passenger View

Get the simple finger mousing finger rolling scrolling networking done while commuting & JAMMED UP stationary or crawling in stop & stop traffic.  We don't have to just sit frustwaiting in traffic!  TRAFFIC SUX!  DON'T JUST SIT THERE, DO SOMETHING!

Imagine ...  Productivity during traffic jams, or, anytime, in your vehicle with D2D.8" Deep x 12" Wide Desktop 8" Wide base pad holder 3" Wide base phone holder

It took you approxiamitly 15 seconds to read print between and to view the pictures & memes. 

D2D is Compatable with ALL Vehicles!  D2D Flickr Photostream Vehicle Buffet Link!D2D Dashboards to Desktops Armadillo Notext Desk Vehicle Buffet 9-23-2014

NO TOOLS NEEDED !  Just place it and flip it!  That's all there is to it!

It took you approxiamitly 15 seconds to read the print the memes and to view both cop pictures.

Discount $15 OFF if "No Finger Mouse for me" at All Models : check box order to receive discount.

Discount $35 OFF if "No GPS Receiver for me" at All Models : check box order to receive discount.

1 Price Fits ALL ebay & Amazon Models Come Finished & Good to Go!

1 Price Fits All QUICK BUY NO SWEAT D2D SPECS $275.  Easiest order.

1 Price Fits All D2D Specs sized by D2D desktop confirmed by you | $275.  Easy order.

Amazon-ian 1 Price Fits All thru Amazon sized by D2D confirmed by you | $300.  Moderate.

1 Price Fits All Your Specs sized by you with D2D as/if necessary | $250.  Detailed order.

Special Order Custom sized by you with D2D as/if necessary | $100-$500+.  Most detailed order.

ebay 1 Price Fits All thru ebay sized by D2D confirmed by you | $300.  Moderate.

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Linked here is the 10 minute segment only of the Android Auto portion of the full 2.5 hr presentation on video player below 6-25-2014.  The portion with the car actual cockpit on stage starts 3 minutes into this video segment linked above.  

This is great stuff, if one buys a new car.  Our D2D system would work well with this system, or any other.  And our system is BYOD Bring Your Own Device.  And with D2D you get to KYC Keep Your Car.  Also note that the drivers seat is pushed far forward almost upto the steering wheel simulating easier pecking operations and viewing of the smallish dashboard mounted computer screen. 

D2D platform system allows larger safer more easily viewable & operable gadgetry.  D2D is the platform for all platforms!  D2D also works with IOS, BLT, PB&J, Tuna Fish on Rye, or even Egg Salad!

The Entire Video is on Player Below.  Android Auto segment Starts at 1:05:50.

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